Friday, June 10, 2011

How To Choose the Best Vegan Sausage

One of the best things about going vegan these days is that you can find substitutes for your former-favorite foods. And, not only can you find vegan cheeses and meats, you often have a selection of brands and flavors.

However, not all vegan meats are created equal. Upon tasting, some clearly rise above the rest. And, it's important to know which ones, because you deserve to enjoy your food (especially when many of these products cost $4 - $5 per package - who wants to spend all of their time and money figuring out which one is best?).

This week, Slate published a review of three of the most popular, nationally-distributed brands of vegan sausage - Tofurky, Lightlife, and Field Roast.

Click to read the full review and find out which product won this taste test - and which one you should pick up before your next BBQ:

Taste-testing vegan sausage - which fake meat is best?

LET US KNOW: Do you agree with Slate's review? What's your favorite vegan sausage?

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